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Our mission

Monitoring policies affecting the automotive distribution & repair sector

CECRA's role is to monitor and accompany the development of European legislation affecting the automotive distribution and repair sector

Advocating the interest of authorised dealers & repairers before the European regulatory bodies

Acting as a watchdog, ensuring the interests of authorized dealers and repairers are taken into due account by European regulatory bodies, is one aspect of CECRA’s core business. Digitization, increasing automation and new business models have revolutionized the automotive industry. In a rapidly changing world, the European legislative framework needs to shift into a higher gear and should above all ensure an open playing field to maintain competition

Building up alliances with other European stakeholders

CECRA builds up alliances with other European associations representing various stakeholders, areas of expertise and sectors of activity which have a common interest in one or more particular fields

Identifying and sharing new business opportunities, practices and trends

A team of experts, located within the EU Member States, are looking for best practices as well as new business opportunities. With new technologies standing at the front door, such as connected vehicles transmitting and receiving in-vehicle data, it is essential that our companies continue to be part of tomorrow’s automotive scene. Our businesses are an essential element in our society. Not only do they employ 2,9 million people, they are also sitting at the front desk, understanding and offering professional assistance and service to drivers. With their daily activity European dealers and repairers also play an essential role when it comes to ensuring the emission reduction and road safety

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