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CECRA Conference 2024

CECRA’s Conference on the Future of automotive retail & repair takes place on the 26th of September 2024 at the Brussels Convention Centre 'Square', Mont des Arts, B-1000 Brussels. The conference  will be preceded by a networking event on the 25th.

The purpose of the 1-day conference is to bring together the entire EU automotive ecosystem consisting of automotive trade and repair businesses in Europe – franchised dealers, large dealer groups, agents, authorised & independent automotive repairers - automotive manufacturers as well as all European automotive stakeholder business associations and EU policymakers.


The conference will focus, amongst other, on topics such as the European Green Deal, Aftermarket aspects and the Future Automotive Distribution – franchised versus agency distribution model – automotive distributors’ new business model, remarketing, batteries repairability, fight against odometer fraud, and many more.


By bringing together such a diverse array of stakeholders, the conference has the potential to facilitate valuable discussions, exchange of ideas, and the exploration of solutions to common challenges facing the industry. Furthermore, the participation of policymakers, including newly elected Members of the European Parliament and representatives of the European Commission, underscores the importance of aligning industry efforts with regulatory frameworks and policy objectives.


We believe that the insights and outcomes generated from the conference will contribute to shaping the future of the automotive retail and repair landscape in Europe. We therefore highly recommend you to register and attend this conference.


The event is free of charge and includes access to the 1-day conference on September 26 and a Brussels city tour & networking dinner on September 25. Accommodation and travel expenses are not included and need to be booked by the participants.


Should you need more information, please address your queries to

We are looking forward to meeting you in Brussels.

Bernard Lycke                                                   Peter Daeninck

Director General                                               President

How to register?

Complete the registration form and return it duly filled in to

Your registration will be confirmed by mail.

Use of personal data and GDPR compliance

The data collected will be used exclusively for the registration and organisation of the CECRA conference. 

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