Governance and structure

CECRA is governed by the General Meeting, which has full authority to carry out any measures for the fulfilment of its objectives. It consists of all active members.

The day-to-day business of the Association is conducted by the Board of Directors.

It is composed of (from left to right): Director to the Board Jan Broos, EDC Mercedes (FEAC MB); Vice-President Gianandrea Ferrajoli, EDC Iveco (GACIE), Chairman of the CIV; Director to the Board Ward Martens, TRAXIO; Director to the Board Gustav Oberwallner, BI+BG – Austria; Vice-President Colin Parlett, RMI/IGA – UK, Chairman of Independent Repairers; Treasurer & Executive Vice-President Arnold Koopmans, BOVAG – The Netherlands; Director General, Bernard Lycke; Vice-President Antje Woltermann, ZDK – Germany, Chairman of the ECD; President  Jean-Charles Herrenschmidt, CNPA – France ; Director to the Board Matti Pörhö, EDC VW/Audi; Director to the Board Gordon Seymour, EDC Ford (EFDA); Director to the Board Pekka Rissa, AKL- Finland + Nordic countries; Director to the Board Geert Brummelhuis, BOVAG – The Netherlands; Director to the Board Alan Nolan, SIMI – Ireland (missing on the picture).


The activities of CECRA are organised in Divisions and Working Groups


Working Groups: